Multiple files analyze

You have with our tool, to track the history of more than one file on a single report. At any time you can add a file from the Solution Explorer, or directly from the tool, using the file URI.


In the upper part of our tool, you have a toolbar that allow you to:

  • Add a new file
  • Modify a file already added
  • Remove a file
  • Check/Uncheck all the files
  • Exclude a file from the report you are going to generate
  • Include a file in the report you are going to generate


Here is an example of a report with 4 files, with following options:

  • Display changes
  • Group files


The traceability matrix



Search by Changeset ID

Until now we have always spoken about search from files. We also support search by Changeset ID. This mode can be used to load files from a specific changeset, with the possibility to add or remove files in second time.

1. Enter a changeset ID.

2. Click on the Generate Report button.


2’. Before generating the report, you can come back to the Search by File mode, the tool load all the changeset content, to allow you to add, edit or remove anything you need.


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