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With this tool you will be able to track a single file, a set of files or a changeset, to identify:

  • merges. Did we execute the right merges in specific branches (is my code included in the release?)
  • build impact. Using labels automatically set by TFS Build, we are able to report all the builds that embed my changeset
  • associated workitems. Which feature, bug, task was related to the work that generated displayed changesets.

Feel free to propose a feedback, if you feel something is missing, wrong or inaccurate.

> Installation notes

Follow the step by step process to install and check that your VS package is well installed.

> Tracking a single file history

Learn our to launch the history tracker, generate and manipulate the DGML Report

> Tracking multiple files / changeset history

Some more advanced scenarios

> Tracking workitems

Our tool would not exist in its current form, without the excellent Workitem Visualization project. For those of you who may want to have the choice to start from a Changeset or Workitem perspective, we have decided to integrate the two tools in a single Visual Studio package.

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