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Project Description
TFhisto is a Visual Studio package using DGML capabilities of Visual Studio Ultimate, to track the full change history of files or changeset in your TFS source repository.


our Visual Studio package includes a tool window that enable:

  • Selection of files and changeset
  • Definition of the scope
  • Generation of the DGML report

The default view of the DGML report displays Branches and their associated changeset. It is from that view possible:

  • to focus on one changeset, to track its full history using the butterfly view proposed by Visual Studio.
  • to represent dependencies in a matrix

The butterfly mode proposes a unique view on the changeset history in which you can navigate to understand:

  • changeset dependencies
  • included changes (change types, files,…)
  • workitem relationships


To better understand how to use this tool, we recommend a first exploration of our documentation.

Finally, we would be more than happy to get your feedback:

  • What is valuable for you, but could be better with some improvement or new features?
  • What works wrong in your environment and should be fixed?
  • Any other idea is also welcome!!!

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